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In case you’re wondering who’s cooking for you, let me tell you something about my journey and cooking style.

I grew up in a rural place in the south of the Philippines, as the youngest among four kids. After giving birth to me, my mom stopped working and became a dedicated housewife. She prepared fresh meals for us every day.

At a young age, I already started helping her in the kitchen. Though at that time, I found it more of a chore, rather than enjoying it.

When I got older, I moved to Singapore, where I worked as a teacher for seven years. It’s a place where you discover cuisines and flavours from all over the world. Which led me to appreciate diversity in food.

I decided to go to Belgium to study for a Master’s Degree, after which I would go back and start my own business. But after meeting my boyfriend here, my plans changed. I decided to stay here.

On my student’s budget, I realized that going out to eat was not as cheap as it was in Singapore, where I ate Michelin star quality chicken rice for 3 euro. So I simply had to cook for myself. Soon I realized that cooking is my true passion.

Filipino food is not known yet in Belgium. So it became my desire to share my country’s cuisine and make you fall in love with it.

I use most of the flavours you can find in the traditional Filipino cuisine, but I use modern techniques to address the changing scenes in the culinary world. For instance, with a sous-vide technique I can make meat even more juicy and tender. This doesn’t make the Filipino food any less authentic.

In 2020 I started my very own business, first with a pop-up stall in de Vleeshalle, a busy food court in Mechelen, then with a pop-up restaurant in collaboration with the Sundry Seeds-project. Now I’ve developed a new concept to share my food with you.

I still have some things to learn so I really appreciate people who email or message me with suggestions, compliments or feedback. Thank you for reading and I hope we can serve you soon!

Every Monday and Thursday we provide free delivery between 18 and 21h in the region of Mechelen.






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