Savour the taste of the Philippines:

a cuisine that combines the flavours of various cultures

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Taking a break

Due to the current situation and regulations, we're extending our holiday break a bit longer and focusing on some other projects.

However, we're planning menus for 06/02 and 14/02 in the spirit of Valentine's day. More info will follow soon. Follow us on Facebook if you want to be informed right away.

Weekly pop-up restaurant (when the lockdown ends)

As soon as the horeca lockdown ends (May 2021 perhaps?), we will reopen our pop-up restaurant in Sundry Seeds (Moensstraat 19, Mechelen) weekly on Saturday. We'll announce it ahead, so keep an eye on our Facebook page.

At the same location, you'll also be able to enjoy Italian slow food and products (Wednesday), 

Argentinian empanadas (Thursday-Friday) and Moroccan cuisine (Sunday-Monday).


Please check the Facebook page of Sundry Seeds for the lastest information.

Our mission

Often overshadowed by other asian cuisines, the foods of the Philippines have not yet captured a broad Belgian audience. It is the goal of Filipino Bites to introduce the dishes from our country and make locals welcome and appreciate the cuisine.  


We're currently taking a short break

and will return in Sundry Seeds when the COVID-19 situation improves

Moensstraat 19, 2800 Mechelen

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